About Us

Since 2015 Jackson Goerke and Blake Lineberger have been talking sports with their fans from coast to coast. Friends from the start at the University Of South Carolina's CarolinaLife program where Jackson was a student and Blake a volunteer staff member, they connected and talked sports just about everyday. Later that year they started an on campus sports talk radio show in Columbia lasting two years and then moved to a weekly podcast called Black Jack Sports until just recently. This podcast has allowed Jackson to use his voice in a world where many believe individuals with autism shouldn't get the opportunity to do so. 


Today the talented duo who breakdown stereotypes and misconceptions about how autism and sports talk can blend together have decided to rebrand their show under the Good Guys Sports Talk banner. Sport fans who understand what inclusion is all about will love their fresh sports takes and banter. Visit their website, and checkout their insightful weekly podcast on facebook - it's sports chatter for all!

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